Still Life

"How do we hold a moment?

Is it a sight? A sound? A sensation?

Does it have weight you can support with an outstretched palm?

Does it have distant you can travel unrest less feet?

Or do moments hold us?

In that instant, when we let the universe drip from our soul.

Seep through our skin, and teach us to feel the difference between existing and living.

How can you capture something that is meant to capture you?

Swimming against the currents of time, unwilling to surrender.

We are concerned with every modern proof of experience, and have cheated ourselves out of lives well lived.

Time was always meant to linger.

To wrap around us in beauty.

That captures our mind and astonishes our souls.

The anthem of which we think we know is always changed.

And what we hope to find is ever realized.

To hold such moments is to unearth the discoveries of a lifetime.

If only you lived them."

Written by Kyle Harper

There’s dreaming, and then there’s doing.

There’s dreaming, and then there’s doing.

You can get the best advice in the world, but you still have to do.

You can visualize and imagine all the ways your journey can play out, but you don’t know until you dare to do.

You can plan your days and schedule your life down to the minute, but there’s no time like now to do what needs to be done.

You can promise yourself that this time, you swear, nothing’s going to stand in your way, but it’s all just an excuse until you finally do.

You can watch videos online of others doing things—amazing, inspiring things—but that’s them, not you.

You can buy all the gear and read all the instructions, but that’ll just make you the best-dressed non-doer out there.

Doing’s not that easy, we tell ourselves. Doing takes time, and skill, and money, and everything that we don’t have enough of, right?


Doing takes courage.

Courage to follow your own best advice.

Courage to stop just visualizing and turn your ideas into realities.

Courage to break out of your scheduled life to do what you feel within you.

Courage to decide excuses aren’t good enough for you.

Courage to live your dreams.

The courage is within you.

(via Everest)